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Have you heard the good news? Saving money in Southern California just got a whole lot easier! When we moved to So Cal last year, not only was I heart-broken to be leaving my family and friends behind, but I was also leaving my favorite grocery store, ALDI. As a result, I struggled to keep our family fed with our small food budget. Then, last fall, we began to hear whispers that the best grocery chain ever would be building in California, and the nearest store was only 20 minutes away!

If you have never shopped at an ALDI I’m sure you’re wondering what makes them so great. Why I love them so much is huge amount of food I can get for very little money. Most of the year, we are a family of four. And, for our awesome quartet I only have $100 a week for food. When our eldest comes home from college we usually budget a little bit more. Now you understand what I meant when I said I struggled to keep us fed. Even shopping at local super centers that brag about their low prices was tough.

Since their grand opening in March, we have been faithfully shopping at the Fontana ALDI.  The “food stress” I was feeling  has vanished.  For around $100 a week I can purchase everything I need: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Our new ALDI store carries everything; from meats and cheeses, fresh fruits and veggies, various household items like paper towels, toilet paper, and aluminum foil, pet food, frozen and canned goods, and coffee, tea, beer and wine. They also carry a nice selection of fresh floral bouquets.


We got all of this for only $72.94! Look at all of that fresh produce!!!

ALDI is also gaining fame for their abundance of affordable gluten free and organic products. In fact, their liveGfree® and SimplyNature® lines have the best selection I have seen in any store.  In the meat department you’ll find products that are USDA Choice meats and NeverAny! products that are free from antibiotics, hormones, and animal by-products. Ninety percent of the groceries they sell are exclusive brands to ALDI, and are regularly tested to ensure they taste as good, if not better, than the leading national brand.  Which is something we can definitely testify to. Our personal favorites are their Mama Cozzi’s Spaghetti Sauce and Casa Mamita Salsa Con Queso.

ALDI loaded back seat

The backseat of my poor little VW was crammed!!

Here are some tips for shopping at ALDI:

Bring your own bags! However, if you forget, you can always purchase news ones there.  They sell reusable, paper, plastic, and bags for your cold items.

Make sure you have a spare quarter with you. To use one of their carts you must insert a quarter for a deposit. Don’t worry, you’ll get it back!

Be prepared to bag your own groceries. This is part of how ALDI saves you money.

Make plans for the rest of your afternoon. Unlike some stores, you’ll be in and out of ALDI is about 30 minutes.

ALDI Snacks

Lunch favorites

ALDI has opened 25 stores in the Southern California region.  To check and see if your area has or will be getting an ALDI, visit their website.

For additional information, please go to:

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Favorite snack EVER!

Favorite snack EVER!


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Like any good southern girl, I love down home cooking, growing my own food, mason jars, crafting, and being the sweetest wife any guy could ask for. I take pride in keeping a warm and welcome home for my family, which includes, three children, three cats, one dog, and a guinea pig.

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  1. Carlee

    I love Aldi and I REALLY love their produce specials. I often plan our menu for the week around what Aldi has featured that week.

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