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A transplant from America's heartland, DC Ward now resides in southern California with his wife and children. His most recent novel, Mustard Man, is a suspenseful coming of age tale about the quest for faith in a conflicting world.

Uncommon Hours

DCWard   June 22, 2016   Comments Off on Uncommon Hours

The notion of the common hour and embracing the uncommon hour was introduced to me recently in a class I took that had nothing directly to do with literature.  But it was quoted as Henry David Thoreau had written, “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he… Read more »

Resolution of Five: An Exercise in Exercise

We’re far enough into the new year now to determine if we have managed to keep those resolutions or if you have found yourself struggling, or worse, maybe you already quit.  But don’t panic, don’t beat yourself up, and.  We can fix this. You’re not alone.  In fact, an overwhelming majority never achieve what they set out for in that… Read more »

A Leaf’s Ambition – A Flash Fiction Piece

DCWard   October 9, 2015   Comments Off on A Leaf’s Ambition – A Flash Fiction Piece

 A note from Deborah:  DC wrote this as part of a 55 word flash fiction contest. I loved it so much that I asked him to post in on here.  Hope you enjoy it, too.  Makes me wanna go drink a mug of  hot apple cider.  We all want to fall when we’re yellow, when we’re still supple and fresh…. Read more »

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

The desert is like a weird dream, isn’t it?  That’s what my wife said when we stepped through the gates.  I nodded, otherwise entranced, because nowhere is that statement truer than at Elmer Long’s Bottle Tree Ranch.  The sounds of passing cars on historic Route 66 melt into the background of the tinkling, chiming, eerie music of the wind blowing… Read more »

Make your own cornhole boards- cheap and easy

No game says Kentucky more than Cornhole!  And while there are those who would argue that UK Basketball holds that distinction, there is no question that they, too,  are chuckin’ corn bags come April.  There is some minor controversy about the actual origins of the game, but the confusion only seems to exist outside the blue grass state.  In Kentucky, there is… Read more »

Weird things found in the desert

Yes, that’s a head!  I came up upon it quite suddenly and from behind, so it was not immediately obvious that it was from a mannequin.   To say I was startled would be understating my few seconds of terror.   The handlebars of my bike did one of those back and forth numbers you do when you don’t know… Read more »

How to Make Your Own Pallet Table

There is a lot of satisfaction that comes with making “something from nothing”.  I believe I developed this appreciation from my father-in-law who is very gifted in woodworking among other things.  He can make the most amazing and beautiful things out of basic materials. The table pictured is way below his skill level, but for a cheap and practical do-it-yourself… Read more »

Shave Club Comparison

I’ll bet you remember the first time you shaved.  You probably haven’t thought about it in a long time, but now that I mention it…you remember.  If you’re like most of us, it’s in the vault with whole lotta first-time-memories:  first kiss, first beer, heck,  I still remember in detail the first time I successfully rode a bike- I say… Read more »