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Just west of the town of Amarillo, Texas, along Interstate 40 lies the odd tourist attraction known as Cadillac Ranch. Built in 1974 by members of an art group called the Ant Farm, Cadillac Ranch consists of ten antique model Cadillacs half buried in the ground. Originally located in a wheat field, in 1997 Cadillac Ranch was moved two miles to distance it from the every growing city and can now be easily seen from the freeway.

When you visit, make sure you bring some spray paint.  Tagging the cars is encouraged. To get to Cadillac Ranch, take exit 60 and get onto the frontage road that runs along the eastbound lane of I40.  It’s about one mile down the road.

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You’ll park your car along the side of the road, enter the corn field through a small gate, and walk down a dirt road.

Cadillac Ranch

With ever changing graffiti you never know what you’ll find on the cars. Much to my daughter’s horror, our visit just happened to feature some “Rebel Art”. Sigh…

Cadillac Ranch 2

Should you decide to bring some spray paint with you, please make sure to pack your trash out with you.  As you can see, the ground was quite littered.

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There is so much spray paint on the cars that it looks more like colorful stalagtites. Several years ago, as part of a Route 66 landmarks restoration project, the cars at Cadillac Ranch were briefly restored to their original colors. They lasted in that state for 24 hours before they were graffitied again.

So, should you be traveling along the freeway outside of Amarillo, Texas make plans to stop for a few minutes at Cadillac Ranch.  It’s an iconic piece of Americana that just happens to be a nice free place to stretch your legs.

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  1. Carlee

    How cool that it’s a little bit different every time! It’s unfortunate that people aren’t more considerate, but it definitely sounds worth the stop anyway!

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