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Bonita Falls Trail

I love hiking! I make no secret of this. There really isn’t much I love more than exploring the great outdoors.  Being in nature has a way of recharging my batteries and relieving a lot of anxiety. I enjoyed hiking when we lived in Kentucky, but to be honest, I got a little bored with the scenery. Not that it… Read more »

Paramount Ranch

Deborah Ward   September 28, 2015   1 Comment on Paramount Ranch

At the base of the Santa Monica Mountains hides a little piece of Hollywood History. Purchased by Paramount Pictures in 1927, this 2,700 acre ranch was the location for many movies, and many famous actors and directors graced it with their presence. Cecil B. Demille, Bob Hope, and Gary Cooper, just to name a few. Most famously, in recent history,… Read more »

Hiking Big Bear

Deborah Ward   September 14, 2015   7 Comments on Hiking Big Bear

(This post contain affiliate links) About an hour from our home lies the quaint mountain village of Big Bear. One of southern California’s go to winter resorts, Big Bear offers a host of warm weather activities as well. Activities such as: shopping, water sports, spas, mountain biking, horseback riding, and my favorite, hiking. On Labor day weekend, we decided to… Read more »

Apple Valley Waterfall

Growing up there was no shortage of cartoons, movies, and stories featuring some hero down on his luck in the middle of the desert.  Just when all hope seemed lost, an oasis would appear and save our hero.  Lush and green where lush and green don’t belong, an oasis is always a welcomed sight. Stumbling upon a desert oasis in… Read more »

Mojave River Forks Regional Park

Deborah Ward   August 26, 2015   Comments Off on Mojave River Forks Regional Park

When we first learned that we would be moving to the High Desert region of Southern California, I pictured a bleak brown landscape with a few cactus plants spread here and there.  I had never been further west than Oklahoma, which at the time, seemed very far west.  Now, however, having driven across the country, I know that I had… Read more »

5 FREE Must See Places in Los Angeles, CA

      We are so lucky to live close enough to Los Angeles that we can hop in the Jeep and head there on a whim.  However, we don’t always have lots of money to spend.  Thankfully, Los Angeles has a great number of free things to do.  I have compiled to list of my five favorite LA haunts… Read more »