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Let’s Get Grilling

Summer foods are my favorite.  I love all of the fresh fruits and veggies, and I love grilling. Nothing says summer to me like a nice juicy steak fresh off the grill with a big salad, some sides, and something strawberry for dessert. Just in time for Father’s Day, my blog friends and I have come up with some yummy… Read more »

Summer Squash Casserole

Make sure you check out the links below! This post is part of a Father’s Day Grilling Round-Up with some of my favorite food bloggers.  Growing up, my father always had a huge garden. He would grow Kentucky Wonder green beans, cucumbers, cantaloupe, tomatoes, corn, and tons of summer squash. When you have a ridiculous amount of excess you get… Read more »

Huevos Chiles Rellenos

One of the best parts about writing a blog is getting to forge new relationships with other bloggers! Not only do we get a chance to make new friends and help promote each other’s stuff, but occasionally, we do something awesome like a huge round-up of our favorite recipes or decorating ideas. When we decided to make our round-up theme… Read more »

Christmas Cookies with Royal Icing

I love baking anytime of the year, but it is especially nice around Christmas time. Growing up it was my dad that did all of the baking, and he always dragged us kids into the kitchen with him. There is not much we didn’t bake together. Anything from rum soaked fruit cakes to his (and my) all time favorite “Ma… Read more »

Halloween Trail Mix

Not only are we avid hikers, but we’re also headed to San Diego in a few hours…where we will hike.  I am excited to be going on a little mini-vacation, however, we need to stay on a budget. One way we do this is by packing our own snacks instead of stopping for fast food or at a gas station. So,… Read more »

Reese’s Pieces Cookies with White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Icing

We are a peanut butter family. Please do not come around us if you have an allergy! Personally, I could live the rest of my life happily without PB, but Hubs and the kids are a different story.  It’s a staple for them, and boy are they picky.  I’ve tried all natural. I’ve tried homemade. However, at the end of… Read more »

Candy Corn Cookies

Deborah Ward   October 1, 2015   Comments Off on Candy Corn Cookies

  I am so excited to announce that my very first contributor post is up at Life with Lorelai!  Candy Corn Cookies!! These cookies are so amazingly delicious! The kids, and Hubs…and well me too, could not get enough. Click this link to access the post and recipe now!! Much love and Happy October! Deborah

How To Make Your Own Chicken Broth

Making your own chicken broth is easier than you think.  It requires little effort, minimal skills, and just a few ingredients.  The main consideration when making broth is time.  You have to make sure you allow yourself at least four hours…maybe five. I know not everyone is into roasting their own chicken, but this recipe can easily be done with… Read more »

The Perfect Roasted Chicken

I have been wanting to make a roasted chicken for a long time, but for some reason I have always been very intimidated by the process.  Not really sure what it is.  Maybe it’s because of the threat of salmonella should I not cook the chicken completely. I had seen a few pins for roasted chicken on Pinterest.  I even… Read more »