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Resolution of Five: An Exercise in Exercise

We’re far enough into the new year now to determine if we have managed to keep those resolutions or if you have found yourself struggling, or worse, maybe you already quit.  But don’t panic, don’t beat yourself up, and.  We can fix this. You’re not alone.  In fact, an overwhelming majority never achieve what they set out for in that… Read more »

10 Must Have Essential Oil and Essential Oil Blends

This post contains links to my personal doTerra website.    For a few years now I have been slowly moving our family towards a more green lifestyle, but it wasn’t until the beginning of 2015 that I really kicked my efforts into overdrive.  To make this happen, we began to eat more wholesome foods, recycle more, and use homemade cleaners… Read more »

Miracle Foot Soak

Deborah   July 17, 2015   Comments Off on Miracle Foot Soak

Growing up in the country I rarely wore shoes.  To this day, I cannot stand wearing them.  Winter is truly a sad time for me.  As a result, my feet stay pretty torn up.  They are what my husband likes to call, “rusty”.  And, this was in Kentucky where the summertime humidity reaches as high as the temps! Since moving… Read more »