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Paper Planner Review

  Try as I might, I have never been able to use an electronic planner.  I know that my phone has a perfectly good one, and I know I can probably get an even better app, but I just cannot do it.  I think that my mental block comes from my extreme love of paper. Of office supplies really. I… Read more »

Dry Erase Planner Tags

As I mentioned in my post, Make Your Own Paperclip Bookmarks, I absolutely adore my Erin Condren life planner.  Not only is it pleasing to the eye, especially after I decorate it each week, but the layout is perfect for helping me keep my life on track. With one child actively involved in competitive dance, one child with special needs, and… Read more »

Make Your Own Paperclip Bookmarks

I’m having a love affair.  Man, it feels good to say that and get it off my chest. Whew! No, there’s not another man.   However, to quote Mr. Darcy, I most ardently admire and love my planner. Well, he said “you” implying Elizabeth Bennett, but I just know he would have loved a planner, also.  I am a total nutcase… Read more »

Purging for a Big Move

Deborah Ward   July 28, 2015   Comments Off on Purging for a Big Move

I am a huge pack-rat, and I come by it naturally.  When we started an organic garden a few years ago, by father gave us every issue of an organic gardening magazine he had saved from the 70s.  Saving your stuff can be good.  You really might use it later.  However, holding onto your old junk can be detrimental to both… Read more »