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Caring for Yourself, the Caregiver

Nothing prepared me to become a caregiver. I’m not talking about motherhood. Nothing prepared me for that either. I’m talking about caring for someone with extraordinary needs.  In my case, I mother a child with special needs. Little Bean has been diagnosed with so much and been through so much, but looks perfectly “normal”.  But, let me tell you, ours… Read more »

Sight Word Game

Deborah Ward   September 3, 2015   12 Comments on Sight Word Game

Little Bean has a hard time with his school work.  He was held back in kindergarten and struggled through first grade.  All summer when I tried to get him to read he would tell me that he didn’t know how.  “Can’t Read” is more precisely what he would say.  Having ADHD and Apraxia of Speech do not help his attention span… Read more »

Visual Schedule and Picture Helpers for Children with Special Needs

  Being the mother of a child with special needs is hard.  I read somewhere that parenting a special needs child carries the same stress levels as that of a combat solider.  While I have way too much respect for our men and women in uniform to boldly claim this as truth, I do have a prescription for an anxiety disorder… Read more »

Back to School Anxiety and How You Can Help

Today is Tiny Dancer’s first day of high school, an event she has been nervously anticipating all summer.  Last February she toured the high school she would be attending this fall and even got to sign up for classes.  Much to her delight, she got everything she wanted and claimed that she had the perfect schedule.  She would have numerous… Read more »

Wandering and the Special Needs Child

A heartbreaking story came out today on my hometown NBC station’s Facebook page .  It started last night actually.  A golden alert was issued for an eight year old girl named, Skyleigh.  Skyleigh was outside yesterday afternoon, playing with her siblings when she vanished suddenly.  They issued a golden alert rather than an Amber alert because she is a non-verbal autistic.  I prayed and… Read more »