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How to Be a Gracious Receiver

It’s kind of a weird weather day here in the desert. It’s rainy. It’s sunny. Then it’s rainy and sunny. Basically, Mother Nature can’t make up her mind. As a result of her bipolarity we have been blessed with an abundance of rainbows. Normally, I despise leaving the house.  However, today is Sunday, and I enjoy the out-of-the-house things we… Read more »

Haters Gonna Hate

Deborah Ward   November 16, 2015   6 Comments on Haters Gonna Hate

Father, Father, Father help us. Send some guidance from above. People got me, got me questioning: Where is the love?  ~ The Black Eyed Peas “Where is the Love” Most of the time, Facebook is great. Friends post pics of their babies, share recipes, vacation photos, funny memes, etc. Then is are those times when a certain section of people post really… Read more »

An Attitude of Gratitude

Several years ago, as we were relaxing for the evening, Hubs turned on a documentary on Netflix called, “The Secret”. Not really knowing what it was about, he proclaimed, “We’ll give it five minutes.” Little did we know that that documentary would send us on a spiritual quest that would ultimately change our lives. The Secret is all about the… Read more »