Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica TitleBack in the good old days, the lucky American family could hit Route 66 in Chicago for their annual road trip.  Stretching 2,448 miles across vastly changing scenery, Route 66 held some strange attractions. However, at the end of that long stretch of road lies the promised land…Santa Monica Pier.

Opened on September 9, 1909, Santa Monica Pier is home to many restaurants, shops, an aquarium, the original carousel from the 1920s, lots of performers, and most famously, an amusement park. The pier itself is 1600 feet long and boasts amazing views anytime of day, but is especially magical at sunset.

Being semi-local, we are able to visit Santa Monica in the off season and on weekdays.  However, if you can only visit on the weekend, be prepared for crowds. In other words, get there early or you’ll be waiting in line for everything.

Santa Monica is such a wonderfully magical place. It’s full of eclectic people and beautiful sights. Having been featured in many movies, television shows, and video games, it’s both foreign and completely familiar the first time you visit. I could really talk about it all day, but I think pictures will do it more justice.

Santa Monica Neon Sign

Santa Monica Pier at Dusk

Santa Monica Pier at Night

Sunset at Santa Monica

Santa Monica Aquarium

At the aquarium, you can pet the sea stars and other little creatures. That’s our middle daughter pictured above with the braids.  Her friend was all about touching them, but she wasn’t so sure.

Sea Stars at Santa Monica Aquarium

Santa Monica Post

This past weekend was Little Bean’s 9th birthday.  All he wanted was a game for his Xbox and to have lunch on the pier. He was also pretty excited about our first beach day of the season. However, it was about 64 degrees when I snapped this pic.  The only people in the water were surfers, in their wet suits, and little kids.

Santa Monica Post 2

Rock and Roll Jesus

When you visit Santa Monica Pier you never know who might be performing. This particular visit we were blessed by the presence of Jesus….Rock N Roll Jesus, that is.

The next time you are in LA, make sure you stop by the pier at Santa Monica.  Or better yet, make a special trip! There are plenty of wonderful hotels, all overlooking the ocean. Santa Monica Pier is just a few minutes from Venice Beach and about 15 minutes from LAX (depending on traffic).

Deborah Ward
Like any good southern girl, I love down home cooking, growing my own food, mason jars, crafting, and being the sweetest wife any guy could ask for. I take pride in keeping a warm and welcome home for my family, which includes, three children, three cats, one dog, and a guinea pig.

8 thoughts on “Santa Monica Pier

  1. Kirsten

    Wow thanks for sharing! I’ve wanted to go here for so long and since I just moved to LA, it sure seems like the perfect time to go now. This just made me want to go even more!

    1. Deborah Ward Post author

      I hope you love LA! We live about an hour away. Definitely try to visit during the week, so the crowds aren’t too bad. Or better yet, go in late August or September…that’s actually when we prefer to go. The weather and water temps are warmer and most of the tourists are gone.

  2. ashley

    This brought me back! We actually got engaged on the pier and it has so many wonderful memories for me because of it. It’s definitely a must visit in CA!

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