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I stopped by Starbucks the other day and bought a Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino, and just like that, I’m in the mood for all things Christmas. Some time back, I signed up for an ornament exchange with a large group of other bloggers. My partner is Marie at DIY Adulation, which is pure magic, because come to find out…we have the exact same type of tree theme! You can check out her ornament post here: Glittery DIY Ornament. (Squee! I’m so excited!!)

Marie, like myself, actually has two trees.  One of them is a red and green nutcracker themed tree, and the other is a candy theme with hot pink, turquoise, and green.  This was a hard decision for me. On one hand, I have a candy themed tree in the exact same colors that I love so much. On the other hand, the Nutcracker ballet is a huge family tradition for us. My middle child, Tiny Dancer, has danced the past several years with the Moscow Ballet in their production of “The Great Russian Nutcracker”. In the end, I went with the fun candy theme.

I had originally planned to make something much different than I made, so I had enough supplies for three ornaments. For the purpose of this tutorial I will focus on the lollipop ornament.


Ornament supplies

Here’s what you will need:

Lollipop ornament


Two different colored ribbon

Extra decoration of your choice

Hot glue


Small piece of wire

How To:


First, cut a piece of cellophane to approximately 10″x 10″.


Wrap around lollipop and secure with a small piece of wire.

Putting things together

Trim excess wire off of your extra decoration and place it on the back of the lollipop with hot glue. For extra protection and for visual reasons, I wrapped the exposed end with washi tape.

Ornament Collage

Wrap a small piece of ribbon around the stem where you want your bow to go and secure with hot glue. Make a bow using two different colors of ribbon. Trim the ends of bow, if desired, by folding in half and cutting upward diagonally. Hot glue bow to the front of your lollipop stem. Make a loop, about two inches long, and tie off ends. Hot glue loop to the back of ornament. Allow to dry and then hang on your tree or give it to a loved one.

 Ornament 2 Collage

For the second ornament, I made a simple bow using some of the extra ribbon I had left over. Decide how wide you want your bow.  Place the ends of two different color ribbons together and begin to loop in desired width. Secure in the center with wire. Cut a small piece of ribbon to cover the wire, wrap around the center of bow, and hot glue down the ends in the back. Fluff bow and hot glue the ornament on top. Since the ornament I used already had a place for a loop, I simply added some matching ribbon.

Candy Cane Ornament

For the third ornament, I just added a very simple bow identical to the one I used in the first ornament. First, tie on a long piece of pink ribbon to make it extra eye-catching.  Then, hot glue the bow on top of the pink ribbon. Add matching ribbon to the hook for the loop.

Finished Ornament Collage

 I have loved being part of this amazing opportunity.  It has given me a chance to connect with other bloggers, especially Marie.  Here’s another link to her blog, in case you forgot to visit earlier: DIY Adulation.


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