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ALDI Comes to Southern California

This post was sponsored by ALDI as part of Influencer for Influence Central. Have you heard the good news? Saving money in Southern California just got a whole lot easier! When we moved to So Cal last year, not only was I heart-broken to be leaving my family and friends behind, but I was also leaving my favorite grocery store, ALDI. As… Read more »

Working with a Small Budget

In my days as a children’s ministry coordinator I got used to working with a small budget. Every fall I would plan out the next year on paper as best as I could, crunch numbers, write up a budget proposal, give it to the lead pastor and head of the committee I reported to, and wait. Inevitably, my well thought… Read more »

The Beauty of the Hispanic Grocery Store

I am an organized person.  I love to plan, organize, and research everything.  Some people may call this controlling.  However, I call it surviving.  I have a son with ADHD (among other things) and a six-month old golden retriever.  If I didn’t plan ahead and organize my life I would sink faster than you could say, “Titanic”.  So, naturally, when… Read more »