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Cadillac Ranch

Just west of the town of Amarillo, Texas, along Interstate 40 lies the odd tourist attraction known as Cadillac Ranch. Built in 1974 by members of an art group called the Ant Farm, Cadillac Ranch consists of ten antique model Cadillacs half buried in the ground. Originally located in a wheat field, in 1997 Cadillac Ranch was moved two miles to… Read more »

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

The desert is like a weird dream, isn’t it?  That’s what my wife said when we stepped through the gates.  I nodded, otherwise entranced, because nowhere is that statement truer than at Elmer Long’s Bottle Tree Ranch.  The sounds of passing cars on historic Route 66 melt into the background of the tinkling, chiming, eerie music of the wind blowing… Read more »